Mediation Fundamentals
for the HR Professional

Discover how to resolve difficult employee relations situations.
Resolve workplace conflicts at the earliest level. Tactfully handle difficult employee relations situations. Help employees find lasting solutions. 
The materials include over 6 hours of instructional and demonstration video (which shows you how to mediate), and the text of the book Peace at Work: The HR Manager's Guide to Workplace Mediation (which tells you all about mediation).
Explore at your own pace in a user friendly online training environment with immediate access to all materials upon registration.
Notification of Upcoming Courses: This course is also offered over 7 weeks as a guided experience with John Ford. The guided course includes personal coaching and a weekly group coaching call for 90 minutes. In 2017 it will only be offered once. Please add your name to be notified of upcoming courses: 
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Maybe your boss wants you to learn
how to handle workplace conflicts better. 
Or you are self motivated
to learn this vital HR leadership skill yourself. 
Regardless, you should take this online course, if you . . .

You want to feel confident in your ability to help employees find lasting resolutions to challenging situations.

You want to be seen as competent and successful HR Professional and build your credibility as a diplomatic leader.

You want to prevent any 'entrusted' issues requiring escalation to ‘legal’ because of what you did or didn't do.

You are confident you can develop your skills if someone would show you how and give you best practice tips.

You want to be appreciated for your positive impact on the bottom line.

And you want your own peace of mind!

“I feel very confident to implement the mediation process after completing this course." 
"It provided me with understanding, insight, structure and actual samples of the process."
"This course prepared me to be an effective HR mediator and sharpened my conflict resolution skills.”

Inna Konyayeva, PHR, HR Business Partner, CAE USA

How it works...

All the materials for this ground breaking new course are online and become immediately available for life.

The course is based on  the popular book Peace at Work: The HR Manager's Guide to Workplace Mediation.

By watching the video's, reading the texts, you will learn the proven 5 phase Mediation Process that shows exactly how you get from conflict to agreement. 

You also learn the nine elements of the mediator’s stance to guide what you say and do in the moment. This informs your attitude, mindset and micro strategy when you are interacting with employees on a  day to day basis and also when you convene a mediation session.

The learning platform we use to host the course online is Ruzuku. It offers a secure integrated online environment where all your materials, all your video’s, all your links to discussions are easily accessible-in one easy to access, and easy to use, place!

Over 6 hours of instructional video explaining the 5 mediation phases and the mediator’s stance are provided.

Videos to show you exactly how to mediate are included.

You get to work on your own challenging situations and start building your own tool box.

You will have access to a full demonstration of the five phase mediation process in the course.

More Testimonials

“Thank you John for a terrific online experience! I really appreciate the framework this course provided for HR Mediation... especially because it is built upon solid mediation fundamentals. I know that I will continue to improve on my mediation skills as a result of the course.”
George Ohrn, Intel Corporation, Arizona Factory-HR Partner, Employee Effectiveness

“I highly recommend John's course because I use the knowledge and skills that I have learned every day in my work as an HR Business Partner.  What I like the most is the flexibility; whether you are doing conflict management in a quick conversation or in a more formal meeting , the structure and skills taught in the course really work! “
Beth C. Delaney, Human Resources Business Partner, Kaiser Permanente

"I had a conflict brought to my attention today, and I have never been so happy and excited about a workplace conflict. I am just so excited to apply what I've learned and improve their relationship!" (In an email from Wendy, after attending the two day Mastering Workplace Mediation training at the Northern California Human Resource Association.)
Wendy De Leon, PHR Human Resources Manager

“I had the pleasure of taking a mediation course led by John Ford. He was a truly inspiring teacher and his course proved immediately useful in my work in labor and employee relations. Many of the wise insights John shared with us in class are included in Peace at Work. HR and other managers looking for clear and practical advice about how to conduct a mediation will find it here, and will be better able to see why mediation is potentially so effective in resolving conflict.”
Maryl Olivera, Labor and Employee Relations (retired), Administrative Office of the Courts

"John is a phenomenal instructor! I had the privilege of having John as a professor at Golden Gate University's Mediation course. John is a highly organized instructor with a very strong work ethic. I really appreciated John's hands on approach to teaching mediation, his in-class peer mediation sessions gave his students the opportunity to run their own sessions and experiment with various methodologies.  John is approachable, has an extensive knowledge, and his open-minded approach as an instructor could not be overestimated. I highly recommend John as both a mediator and a professor.”
Yelena Gertsenshteyn, Human Resources , Walmart eCommerce

John Ford

John is the author of Peace at Work and the Founder of The HR Mediation Academy.
A past president of the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California, John is an internationally recognized leader in the field of workplace conflict management. 

"The focus of my work for over 25 years has been on conflict in the workplace. I have mediated hundreds of workplace disputes between employees. Worked with countless teams in trouble. And spent hours training and coaching the hard to learn soft skills-like communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and mediation that foster peace at work, all, while maintaining your own peace of mind." 

Notification of Upcoming Courses:  This course is also offered a couple of times a year, as a guided learning experience with John Ford, over 7 weeks.  The guided course includes personal coaching and a weekly group coaching call for 90 minutes. You get direct feedback and support! If you are interested, please add you name to be notified of upcoming courses, by entering your name and email below: