Challenging Workplace Relationships:
 Skills for Attaining
Peace at Work with Peace of Mind

An Online Course 
Hosted on Ruzuku
By John Ford's
HR Mediation Academy

In this course you will learn
how to Navigate Relationships
you find challenging 
so that you
can establish Peace at Work
while maintaining
your own Peace of Mind!

Most HR professionals and leaders have good relationships with their employees, their peers and their bosses.
But there are always a few
‘strong personalities’ 
You know – the one’s you are tempted to label as
“Difficult”, “Negative”, "Dramatic" or “Toxic”!
The ones that make your life a misery.

Nothing you do seems to work. 
In fact things go from bad to worse.
Wouldn’t it be great if there was something to do?
Other than putting your head in the sand
and hoping the problem will go away.

Or bringing it on, and just making it worse!

 Wouldn’t it be great to know both
what to do
and also
what not to do?
 So you could navigate
any challenging relationship
and also have your own peace of mind!

That’s what I offer you.
An approach with clear steps on what to do.

An approach to challenging relationships that is realistic.
An approach that teaches you the skills necessary
to navigate your challenging relationships 
with clarity, confidence and ease!

 An approach that works!

If you are tired
of being stuck in relationships
that are
stressful, dramatic,
confusing and depressing,

and are interested in transforming
your challenges into opportunities
then do sign up below
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Testimonials of Past Students:

Kelly Gebhart, HR Manger, Marin Municipal Water District

"John is a gifted speaker who makes complex topics easy to understand and apply. This course empowers you to achieve peace of mind in your professional and personal relationships!"

Beth Delaney, HR Manager, Kaiser Permanente

"This course provides a personal foundation for success in dealing with challenging people and situations.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who manages people in the workplace!"

Patrick Lau, HR Manager, Intel

I was very fortunate to take John Ford’s pilot class. John brings his enormous breadth of experience and research to present a powerfully packed class full of practical tools, insights and perspectives. The class superbly blends the academic with the real world to offer numerous examples which allows the student to pick and choose what may be most applicable to their particular situation.

John also uses personal examples to dramatize the teachings and drive the points home. I found this to be an essential class in learning three key areas:
1) a structured approach to dealing with challenging workplace relationships;
2) how to effectively navigate conflict; and
3) how to be assertive and resolve differences collaboratively.

I highly recommend this class whether you are in HR or a Workplace Mediator or an employee who wants to learn skills to better manage workplace conflict.


 Brettell Hone,  CCMA* Commissioner, South Africa 

John's thoughtful programme on challenging workplace relationships takes us on a journey of self awareness and self mastery, rather than arming us with tools to bring down the bad guys. He reinforces the concept of us being 100% responsible for our 50% of the relationship and provides us with helpful techniques to manage our emotions and to engage constructively with those whom we find challenging in the workplace - and beyond. The programme delivers insightful, relevant content through weekly webinars, followed by inter-active sessions where the participants get time to share their experiences and learnings. I would highly recommend the programme to all managers in any structured organisation. 

*CCMA= Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration

  • "Throughout the course of this workshop I had many revelations about myself and got an opportunity to  work on my personality, my communication skills and most importantly how I can be a better judge and trainer of my emotions. So if you are someone who is surrounded by chaotic relations and want to find a way to navigate those relations in a positive direction then do enroll for this course."
  • Anurima Atalye
    HR Professional

Professional Development Recertification Credits

The course is approved by both the Society for Human Resource Management and the Human Resource Certification Institute for recertification credits. Participation will entitle you to up to 15 hours of recertification credit.

John Ford, Founder of the HR Mediation Academy

"The focus of my work for over 25 years has been on conflict in the workplace. I have mediated hundreds of workplace disputes between employees. Worked with countless teams in trouble. And spent hours training and coaching the hard to learn soft skills-like communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and mediation that foster peace at work, all, while maintaining your own peace of mind."
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